April 18

Deltora Quest: The Forest of Silence

This book was about a boy called Lief, a girl called Jasmine and a man called Barda trying to find the seven Gems of Deltora to put on the Belt of Deltora so they can save Deltora…

Lief was a poor boy that helped other people when they are gunna die or something. Barda was a soldier that fought against the evil dudes. Jasmine was a little girl when her parents were murdered by the evil dudes so she lived in the forest, until Lief and Barda came along…

In this book they try to get the first Gem of Deltora… The Topaz… But a big golden armored knight stood in their way, so they had to kill him by making a tree fall on him. But Barda died so they had to give him the pollen from a life-giving flower that the knight was protecting…

I really liked it so I give it a 5 star rating!!!!





I think that the Deltora Quest books would be good for grade 5/6’s and over.

March 13


cRaSh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The teacup titanic from space crashed into the dirt on a dirty planet called Earth…

“Were all gunna dieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed the banana elder captain.

Were gunna die, were gunna die, were gunna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as he said the last: Were gunna die, a giant barbed tail went through him and acid was melting him… It was the tail of one of those alien things from the alien movies… (If you don’t like gore, don’t search up ‘alien movies’). After the alien was finished with the banana elder captain it turned to the ship and ran into it…


It exploded…



March 12

BTN Dingo Hero’s

Dingo’s are one of Australia’s most iconic creatures. Dogs bark, but dingo’s growl, not bark. Pure breed dingo’s can’t be domesticated.

understand why cats kill a lot of animals a year.

Why did the dingo numbers increase? Why can’t dingo’s be domesticated?





March 12


If I were in charge I would get all the students to eat anything but healthy stuff  and all the 5/6’s to have free iPod sessions and the 5/6’s will also not go to school every Wednesday and Friday. The teachers will have detention every Monday and Tuesday. I would also have school fighting class’s at lunch on Thursdays and Mondays. The last teacher that gets to detention will have to do 100 push up’s, 20 sit up’s and 30 burpie’s. Then… They will after detention go and clean the boy’s toilet’s. (They are very bad). That’s why I want to be in charge…

February 28

BTN State Laws


Before Australia was a collaborating country the states were like different country’s. Today each state has their own laws and leaders but work together. If there is an argument between the Federal law and the State or Territory law on the same thing, the Federal law wins.

I understand why the Federal law stopped the dam. 

Why did people build an energy plant next to a dam? Why does the Federal law always win?




February 27


Hi, I’m Dylan, I think I should be in SRC because I’m confident and I have never been in SRC & I will make some good changes to Moonee Ponds Primary School, for instance, add toilets under the breezeway so people on the oval don’t have to wee-wee walk to the toilets in the prep area and more room in the vegetable patch so we can grow more food.

­I in the S.R.C. will also make more fundraisers, like: No Healthy Food to School Day, Marvel Dress-up Day, No School Day and ­­­­­Game Day, and I will add some new lunch time clubs, like: Sports Club, Computer Club, Sleep Club & Martial Arts Club.

I will also try to achieve the best for this school, and I will make myself a goal to make school a better place.

I’ll try to get everyone to be more optimistic in what they do, especially the preps and future generations. I show all the school values, so I think I am perfect for the job.

I know all these things would take a lot of effort to do, but I will do all I can to complete them.

February 27


As I got my goldfish from the brown attic in the old creepy house of Mc Floppy-horseshoe guy that stole all my stuff that I liked, for instance: my waffles and my toenail necklace… CREEK. Went the floorboard, ”STOP BEING SO NOISY YA PEEBRAIN-GOOFJUICE.” I whispered to my friend Jock-shalock, (he came with me because Mc Floppy-horseshoe guy also stole his flewflew-blu-blu thing. (I don’t know what it is) shortly after Jock-shalock creeked the floorboard Mc Floppy-horseshoe guy came out of a room and started slowly walking to us… then he fell to the ground and had a heart attack.

February 24


All the trees where moving… Circling round me… Like sharks circling their prey… Every time I turned my back or blinked they moved, I was in the old woods down Biggybaggabogga st. SHWASH! Went a bush, someone jumped out of the bush dressed in a dog outfit with a bone radar on the nose of the outfit with a machete and an iPod touch, ”HAYYAYYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!” He screamed as he chopped up all of the tree people with his machete, then when there was only one left  Mr. dog guy got his iPod out and shot with an ebullet, I died.

February 24

BTN Democracy


This BTN was about how democracy was made in ancient Greece. The slaves in Greece never  had a say in democracy. Now in democracy everyone had a say in it. The ancient Greece people where one of the first to have a good democracy. 

I understand why democracy changed as time went on.

Why did the ancient people of Greece not let poor people vote? Why did democracy stop for a while and then come back on?