May 16

The Adventures of Senior Sensei

Once in a land of vampire pickles riding BMX’s and hippys with beards there was a man called Senior Sensei the hippiest hippy around. Every day he fought Scalongy the evil pickle master, Scalongy had exactaly three trilion evil pickle servants. Fortunantly Senior Sensei wins all the battles, but… That all changed on…


Scalongy summond a picklion and a squad of BMX vampire pickles and the picklion picked up Senior Senseis scent from a ripped of piece of Senior Senseis dress.

”Go my pickle servents, go bring him to me!”

”ROAR!! Roared a picklion.



”OH COME ON!!!” Shouted Senior Sensei.

BLEH!! PLOP!! Went Senior Sensei coverd in saliva.


May 12


Prompt: …I just couldn’t eat something so…

”Aaahhh!!! I’m so hungry! Mum, can I have something to eat!”

”WAIT A MINUTE!!! Is that a mouldy sandwich, it is! EEERRR!!! It looks so mouldy, meh, I like mould” As I ran to the moldy sandwich I felt like my time has come to finally eat…

But then mum came and squished the mouldy sandwich with her high heel shoe. Now it was all mouldy, AND squished.

It looked so yuk, I like mould but not mould that has been steped on by someones shoe, espe-

The dog ate the sandwich. ”COME ON!

May 9

About Me!

Hi! I am Dylan and this is my blog.

I have one brother called Owen, one Mum and one Dad. My teacher is Candice in 3/4c, I love dogs I have a Whippet at home called Alfie. An other thing that I like are vidio games defenently vidio games, the top five top games that I have are: Pok’e’mon Alpha Saphire, Sun, X, Y and Terraria all for the 3DS, and I looove pizza the tastyest one to my is Hawian!!!!!