February 18


PROMPT: …We were moving very fast when…


We were moving very fast when a nice looking Ford came out of nowhere and crashed into our family car. Both cars where on fire, I was clutching my cheek as blood was running through my fingers. Mum was calling an ambulance, a few minutes later a white ambulance with a red cross on it arrived. WEEOO-WEEOO it went, I was sitting on a bench next to the crash clutching my cheek crying madly.


We where all good a few weeks later, after we got out of hospital.

February 5

Hi Libby

Hi Libby, I’m Dylan, I’m a good sporting person that loves video games, I am a Cho-Dan-Bo in Taekwondo and I have a whippet.

My family is mainly boys, my brother is in year 12 at secondary school, his name is Owen. Then there is me, my Dad, my Mum and my dog: Alfie (who is a boy).

I enjoy going to the UK to meet all of my family in England and Wales.