Do you want your kid to be a lazy unsocial couchpatato? I think that kids should play sports or at least exercise.

It would make you fitter healthier and improve your social well-being. It also makes your child learn sportsmanship, collaboration and leadership, and it is also fun to do. I should know, I play a lot of sports and I love them. It also makes them tough so they can handle the outside world.

A reason why kids should not just stay inside is because they need fresh air and they especially need to exercise. Most kids that stay inside normally do things like video games and eat unhealthy food, and electronic devices give of waves of radiation that is unhealthy to the human brain and eyes.

But sports makes you new friends and bruvs, I should know, I go to taekwondo twice a week and I have made like fifteen new bruvs.

Now I bet it is clear to you that kids should play sports. So that is why I personally think that all kids should play sports.




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