August 1


It was just in the open in the forest… All alone…

“Creepy.” I thought in my head…

Then as soon as I looked away I heard a rumbling noise coming from behind me, then I knew what it was… It was a portal… With something coming out of it, then a mass of black goop came slithering out of it. Like water sliding on pavement. Then it slid up and shifted shape like play dough.

”AAAAAAHHHHHH!” I screamed as the mass lunged at me.

So I jumped sideways and it fell back through the portal with a scream:


Special prompt #2 (18)

June 19



The sound was deafening… Like a shot of a cannon, but it wasn’t, it was the shot of a pistol… The pistol… The best pistol… With bullets the speed of a fighter jets and the power of a cannon. Unluckily being used by the worst, dumbest, most idiotic nerd that can ever hold it… It was the teen from down the street. (I don’t really know his name).

He was using the pistol to destroy me and my friend Mr. Mortimer. Then, as if out of nowhere a giant cloud of smoke appeared in the air and zapped us?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

June 4




Do you want your kid to be a lazy unsocial couchpatato? I think that kids should play sports or at least exercise.

It would make you fitter healthier and improve your social well-being. It also makes your child learn sportsmanship, collaboration and leadership, and it is also fun to do. I should know, I play a lot of sports and I love them. It also makes them tough so they can handle the outside world.

A reason why kids should not just stay inside is because they need fresh air and they especially need to exercise. Most kids that stay inside normally do things like video games and eat unhealthy food, and electronic devices give of waves of radiation that is unhealthy to the human brain and eyes.

But sports makes you new friends and bruvs, I should know, I go to taekwondo twice a week and I have made like fifteen new bruvs.

Now I bet it is clear to you that kids should play sports. So that is why I personally think that all kids should play sports.




June 2

BTN-Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters can throw a city and a country into unexpected chaos like the recent floods in Pakistan in South Asia. More than one and a half thousand people have been killed. The U.S. think that it is worse than the tsunami that hit Asia in 2004.

I understand how the problem got so bad.

How long does it take to put a country back together? How many people got killed overall?

Link is here.

May 23

Herald Sun-Cracks in Africa


massive cracks are appearing in a valley in Kenya leading some scientists to suggest it could be the start of Africa splitting in two. The rips in the earth in the Rift Valley are growing longer and deeper by the day. But as confused locals and visitors travel to look at the split and pose for pictures, geologists believe something significant is happening underneath their feet.

Is there something happening under our feet? Is Africa breaking in two?

I understand how the cracks in the ground are happening. 

May 22

Scamming Webinar

The Webinar was about how to know if someone is scamming you and how to know what to do if someone is scamming you. There are ways to find out if someone is scamming you:


Is it someone you know?

Are they wanting money or personal details?

Does the email or whatever they sent you look dodgy?




HELLRAISERE SERVER4.2: Shuts down your computer.

BAD RABBIT: You have to pay money in a certain amount of time.

RANSOMEWARE: Locks your computer, you have to pay money to get it working again.




Download a firewall to protect your computer.

Never put your real name or address to random people or in tweets or messages.

Download a filter to filter bad stuff out of your computer.

May 15


Up to 70 homes have been destroyed near Tathra. The cyclone was level 2. Then a powerful magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Hawaii and made a volcano erupt.

I understand how the earthquake made the volcano erupt.

How is the lava in Hawaii so strong and hot? What in the gas from the lava is toxic?


May 15


Cyclone Marcus in Darwin was a level 2 cyclone. Weather forecast had predicted that winds as fast as 130km/h.   23000 homes were without power.

I understand how 23000 homes were powerless.

How dangerous is a level 2 cyclone? Would 130km winds affect the cyclone?


May 12


PROMPT: When did it arrive?

”When did it arrive?” I asked as a weird brown blob on the floor of the kitchen had just appeared out of nowhere…

“It couldn’t of just appeared, could it?” Asked Bob in amazement.

Then suddenly the blob just hovered over Bob and me.

”WHAT THE?!?!?!?!?!” Shouted Bob, still in amazement…

Then the blob said “BOO!”

We ran down the kitchen hall in horror after that horrible  blob got blobby bits all over him and Bobs face… Bob turned, it was chasing them! We  both hid behind a corner, then unluckily the blob found us…

May 7


One day after an earthquake in Samoa an earthquake happened in Sumatra. In Sumatra hundreds where killed by the earthquake. Scientists are still looking in to it 8 years later.   

I understand how so many people died.

Are the earthquakes connected? Is there a reason they happened? If they are connected why did they happen in those places?  

See the source image