Slam poems are poems that you think of on the spot and in front of a crowd. There are slam poem competitions. This little Afro kid is the youngest slam poet.

I understand why there are competitions. 

Why is it called slam poetry? How old is slam poetry? 


It is the ?? anniversary of the first person in space. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldridge were the first people in space. Columbia was the first reusable spacecraft.

I understand why we want to go to mars.

How long do people live in the international space station for? How big is the International space station?


PROMPT: …I seemed to be on television…

As I was going to the shop, I knew it… I seemed to be on television… I finally knew. i knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what… But now I know what it was, television… I don’t know what show I am on, I don’t even know the name, I didn’t even know I was being filmed.

But who’s filming me? I thought. A stalker? A famous director? A street gang? The teletubie gang? (Probably them).I f anything it was probably the teletubbie gang because it is just the thing they do.


PROMPT: I was doing it… For the first time ever… riding my bike, for the first  time ever. All my hard training has worked up to this… I foot down and back, the other foot down and back, the first foot down and back then the second again, then the first once more and then the second. I was going so fast, so, so fast. Then I saw it… the thing that stopped me before…


I couldn’t stop, I was  going too fast. I was going to crash… HARD!


WEEEEE-OOOOOO WEEEEEE-OOOOOO! Went the sirens as my eyes closed.


If you want to be an astronaut you will have to eat the same food for the whole time you are in space. Most space missions take at least 6 months. going to space can make your spine stretch and you become taller.

I understand that it will be so boring.

How big are the rockets? How big are the space dome things?

Imagery poem

Cold, wet, English air flowing through my nose.

Wet, blue, English clouds weeping on my head.

Nice, peaceful English locals walking down the street.

England is my home,



PROMPT: …I wondered what was behind the door…

I wondered what was behind the door… That door… The one people never go in… Because they never come out… I was scared., alone and feeling like I was going to wet myself. Horrible thoughts kept running in my brain about what would be behind the door, Was it Pennywise? Was it an Alien? Was it a teacher? I felt like I needed to open the door… I felt I had to, I put my hand on the door knob, I twisted it.



FACTS: Our solar system circles the milky way once every 250 000 000 years. it circles the milky way at 200 000 k/hr. Mercury is the smallest gas giant.

 UNDERSTANDING: I understand why it takes so long to circle the milky way.

QUESTIONS: How big is the milky way? How many galaxys are in the milky way?



PROMPT: …Because I said so…

“Because I said so Bob!” I said for the millionth time.

“But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Screamed Bob in my ear. I felt like my ear cracked as soon as he did. I fell to the ground in pain and then blood started rushing out of my ear like a crimson river.

“Mate, MATE! ARE YOU OK?!?!?!?”

STOP SCREAMING IN MY BAD BLOODY EAR!!!!!!!!!” I screamed in pain after stupid Bob screamed in my ear.

“Do you want me to call an ambulance? Asked Bob in concern.

I blacked out…

I died the next day in hospital.