FACTS: The mars rovers shields can withstand 60 000 degrees of heat. The new rover is called CURIOSITY. CURIOSITY has a laser.

UNDERSTANDING: I understand why we want to find new life.

QUESTIONS: When was the first rover sent out of space? When did they sent CURIOSITY to mars?

Reading Reflection-Boss of the Pool

This book to me was very boring and slow, it had a good amount of description and a good amount of pages. When I say that I mean good for older readers; say, about 10 to 14 years old. If you like books that are based of more the real world than fantasy I recommend this.

I would give it a 2/5 star rating because there was a lot of description and detail, but I still didn’t like it but others would.


The Mistake

By Dylan Reynolds


It was beautiful… It was majestical… it was, a banana. I and Chilli-Chonga were working on an awesome experiment on a banana to make the tastiest banana in the world




When it was time to finalise the experiment and pull the finishing lever… Something went a bit wrong… I actually pulled the wrong lever, I pulled the: DON’T PULL THIS LEVER lever instead.

“a bit dumb putting them next to each other” I thought to myself as red lights kept on flickering on and off behind me…

“WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO?!” Screamed Chilli-Chonga in anger.

“Umm, nothing” I lied.

Just as I lied, the glass the banana was held in suddenly shattered in the blink of an eye, and a giant, mutated, yellow bulging monstrosity came limping out.

“I COULD KILL FOR CHEESE!” It slowly said in a low voice.

“Umm, w-well you c-can h-have some cheese.” Chilli-Chonga said in a nervous voice.

I COULD KILL FOR… CHEESE! It screamed a few seconds later as it charged at Chilli-Chonga in rage.

The brown point on its head went straight through Chilli-Chonga’s chest, blood was flowing like crimson rivers down Chilli-Chonga’s body, the suddenly Chilli-Chonga vanished in a blink of an eye. Then the bulging monstrosity made an astonished noise and faced my way… Then suddenly the beast charged at me.





“AAAAAHHHH!” I screamed as it knocked me to the floor, I had a hole in my leg, blood streaming out non-stop.

The banana then turned around and looked at me with its red bloodshot eyes, but I also had my eye on something; the control panel… I was looking at the self-destruct button. I crawled over to it.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as the bulging beast rammed into me again.

But, luckily the knockback of the hit flew me right in front of the control panel, so I got up…


And pressed the button…



“What?” I asked myself in amazement, “where am I?” I asked again in amazement.

“Hey mate,” said a familiar voice behind me…

“Chilli-Chonga?!?!?!?!? But you died, and va-

“Vanished, right. I teleported here.”

“But I blew up the station! I should be dead!”

“Look out the window…”

As I looked out in the darkness of space I saw a bright explosion of light and an ever expanding ring of flames and debris.

U GOT 1 MESSAGE, U R SOUGHT OF LONELY. Went the message machine as it bleeped and blooped.

“YESSSSSASASASASA!!!!!” Went Chilli-Chonga as he jumped up in the air said yeet, did a flip and landed in front of the massage machine. “I’M NOT LONELY ANYMORE!!!!!-Hello.” He then said after his flip next to the message machine.

“Hello, come to the planet triton in exactly 12AM sharp… Or else your ugly familie gets it…

DIS MESSAGE WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 5 SECONDS RUN OR U GET BLOWN UP… Went the message machine as Chilli-Chonga walked away as fast as he could.


“Why did that happen?” I asked a bit later.

“I dunno, it hasn’t happened before,” Chilli-Chonga replied shortly after.

“Pfft! Yeah right,” I said in a rude voice as I looked back out the window.

“Ummm, Chonga?” I said in concern.

“Yee.” Chilli-Chonga replied.

“Is that supposed to happen?” I asked in concern again as I was staring out the window looking at giant clumps of debris heading our way, and fast

But it was too late, the debris wrecked the vessel completely… Like rocks flying through a tissue, after a few seconds the ship was completely demolished and plummeting to the ground below…




“Black… Blackness was all I could see… Just a black abyss of dark…”

“C’mon mate, wake up!” Said a familiar voice beyond the blackness.

The blackness started turning light with a blinding light of bright vivid colours and the smells of fruit and flowers. Then there was a familiar face, an old friend.

“Chilli-Chonga!” I said in an amazed voice, “what happened how do you and me keep surviving!?!?!?!?” I went on. “I- I must be- SUPERHUMAN!!!!!” I screamed up in the air.

“Oh shut up.” Said Chilli-Chonga in a sarcastic voice.

“Where are we?” I asked. “If I’m correct I think it is the planet Triton, so it’s where we need to be…”

“Ok, the lets go get your ugly family back mate.”

After I agreed to get Chilli-Chonga’s family back we explored the wilds of the planet with great caution.

“What is that!?” I said looking down a cliff to the sight of a camp.

“It’s a camp, are you stupid?” Replied Chilli-Chonga in a rude voice.

“We need to get down there. I think I see hostages and people with guns… Maybe your family is down there.” I said.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” I said.

“Aim for the bushes.” Chilli-Chonga replied.

“Yep,” I said as we backed away from the cliff edge.

Then we ran as fast as we could and jumped…………



We went on the concrete below with a thunderous crack.


“HA, GET R3KT!!” Went a guard.







It was horrid… It was retched… It was a giant grey mass of ooz, it was all forming into a giant hand.

“What the!” I said as i was panting from doing so much running.

Then the mass of ooz rose up and the giant hand slammed down on the hard ground beneath it, the impact of the slam shook the ground as if it was an earthquake. The slam also made me fly across the air at great speed.

“Ooooh, my leg!” I screamed as i was holding my leg with both hands.

“WOW! Rope! I said as the ooz covered my body… 😉



PROMPT: …But what colour should it be?…

“What is it?” I asked as I was poking it on the side…

By the way the thing I was poking, it was a bit otherworldly, a bit too colourful as well. It was all the colours of the rainbow+poo+shades, it made a really really really really really really  really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really weird colour. 😉


PROMPT: Stairs, river, pink, cooked, nervous.

‘How, just how…’ I was saying in my head as there was a PINK bear COOKING a pile of STAIRS. I wanted to ask what he was doing but i was too NERVOUS, I felt like there was a RIVER of sweat running down my forehead. Then I saw my worst nightmare… It was, the teletubbies!!!

Image result for mlg teletubbies

Then they chased me down the corridor of my house, (by the way I was in my very ugly kitchen). But back to the story, 😉 they were chasing me like savages, (cuz dey r savages! GET REKT!!!)


It was just in the open in the forest… All alone…

“Creepy.” I thought in my head…

Then as soon as I looked away I heard a rumbling noise coming from behind me, then I knew what it was… It was a portal… With something coming out of it, then a mass of black goop came slithering out of it. Like water sliding on pavement. Then it slid up and shifted shape like play dough.

”AAAAAAHHHHHH!” I screamed as the mass lunged at me.

So I jumped sideways and it fell back through the portal with a scream:


Special prompt #2 (18)



The sound was deafening… Like a shot of a cannon, but it wasn’t, it was the shot of a pistol… The pistol… The best pistol… With bullets the speed of a fighter jets and the power of a cannon. Unluckily being used by the worst, dumbest, most idiotic nerd that can ever hold it… It was the teen from down the street. (I don’t really know his name).

He was using the pistol to destroy me and my friend Mr. Mortimer. Then, as if out of nowhere a giant cloud of smoke appeared in the air and zapped us?!?!?!?!?!?!?!




Do you want your kid to be a lazy unsocial couchpatato? I think that kids should play sports or at least exercise.

It would make you fitter healthier and improve your social well-being. It also makes your child learn sportsmanship, collaboration and leadership, and it is also fun to do. I should know, I play a lot of sports and I love them. It also makes them tough so they can handle the outside world.

A reason why kids should not just stay inside is because they need fresh air and they especially need to exercise. Most kids that stay inside normally do things like video games and eat unhealthy food, and electronic devices give of waves of radiation that is unhealthy to the human brain and eyes.

But sports makes you new friends and bruvs, I should know, I go to taekwondo twice a week and I have made like fifteen new bruvs.

Now I bet it is clear to you that kids should play sports. So that is why I personally think that all kids should play sports.




BTN-Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters can throw a city and a country into unexpected chaos like the recent floods in Pakistan in South Asia. More than one and a half thousand people have been killed. The U.S. think that it is worse than the tsunami that hit Asia in 2004.

I understand how the problem got so bad.

How long does it take to put a country back together? How many people got killed overall?

Link is here.